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What Octy can offer your business:

  • Sophisticated customer segmentation engine so you can hyper-target your messaging and offers which means the rapport with your most valued customers will increase dramatically. You can tailor incentives that appeal to each segment's shared personality traits and behavioural indicators, leading to more sales and increased revenue.

  • Extremely accurate recommendations system provides your customers with an omnichannel personalised experience, which means a greater likelihood of repeat purchases. You can show your customers the right products at the right moments.

  • Natural language generation engine allows you to generate personalised messages and content on a large scale which means you can communicate with all of your customers on 'first-name-basis' dramatically impacting your contents conversion rate.

  • Automatic churn prediction analysis allowing you to understand the critical customer attributes and behaviours that contribute to customer churn, meaning you can hyper-focus your actions and customer interactions to reduce your churn rate.

  • Automatic RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis highlighting your most valuable customers means you can focus your budgets and efforts on serving them, giving you a significant increase in your customer retention budgets ROI.

  • Developer-friendly well-documented RESTful API allows you and your team to implement all of the above in weeks, not months or years, with zero risks of a failed internal project.